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Your Customer-to-Cash Cycle. Supercharged.

No more faxes. No more paper forms.
Credit Workbench allows your customers to submit credit applications online, shortening the time from prospect to payment - all while creating a secure electronic record that serves as the foundation of a complete credit file for the lifetime of every customer relationship.

The entire customer lifecycle starts here.

Better B2B collections begin with a better credit application.  Streamlined credit decisions and onboarding turn prospects into paying customers faster.  The onboarding process for a new customer only happens once, but the customer credit relationship is forever.

As the foundation of the customer-to-cash cycle, a superior credit application sets the tone for the entire customer relationship and sets the stage for faster, more productive collections down the road.

Secure credit applications mean fast and safe customer onboarding, best practice data collection, and a highly defensible record.
Industry-best external data gives you the peace of mind that you truly know your customer.
A disjointed process, now organized and secure. No more faxes. No more lost paperwork. An integrated home for customer credit application data, supporting documents, and references, all in one place.

Why Credit Workbench

Boost collections by simplifying and securing your credit workflow.

Your customers obtain capital from three sources:  equity, funded debt, and their trade vendors.  In times of financial stress, vendors become the lenders of last resort.  As a result, commercial trade credit comprises an ever-growing portion of total corporate capital.  In an uncertain global economy, the ability to securely gather, organize, and store customer credit information is more important than ever.  With Credit Workbench, that process starts at the credit application and continues through the entire customer lifecycle. 

Nobody wants a credit customer to default, but the reality is that some defaults are inevitable.  Credit Workbench helps you reduce the risk of customer defaults, but also helps you better prepare for customer delinquency, collection efforts (both first- and third-party), collection litigation, customer bankruptcy, and preference defense.

trade receivables outstanding in the US
trade receivables in the US paid late
trade receivables written off annually
average days sales outstanding for all US businesses
A faster, safer business credit process starts here

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