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A shorter customer-to-cash cycle starts here.

Better collections begin with a better credit application.  Faster onboarding equals a shorter lead time between prospects and paying customers.  The new-customer onboarding process may only happen once, but the customer credit relationship is forever.  As the foundation of the customer-to-cash cycle, a superior credit application sets the tone for the entire customer relationship and sets the stage for faster, more productive collections.

An innovative – yet familiar – interactive, multi-step application process makes it easy for your customers to submit complete information, reduces the likelihood of incomplete information, and stores information entered at each step of the process to enable customers to pick up where they left off should they get interrupted or need to gather information.

While customer defaults are far from optimal, they do happen.  A robust electronic signing process and comprehensive audit trail provide the evidentiary support you need should a customer default lead to litigation down the road.